Vibrant Catering Co. puts an emphasis on designing healthy food options for the business and industry sector, educational campuses and hospitals. We focus on providing the most nutritional options by cooking homemade dishes with some of the freshest locally sourced ingredients.

The prolonged energy and vitality behind these ingredients are essential to keeping both the body and mind in working order to avoid those afternoon slumps and help teams reach their deadlines. The Vibrant Catering Co. can promote the right environment along with the organisation’s activities, workshops, talks, culinary themed celebrations and seasonal provenance.


All menus provided will include nutritional breakdowns with our seasonal menus with the focus on caloric intake, recommended daily allowances, portion sizes and good vs bad fats. It’s all about clean eating and our mouth watering menus are as innovative and delicious as they are healthy.

We take into account the most up to date nutritional science and put deep thought into food combinations that compliment one another for a new taste experience that you won’t forget.