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Nothing is more fulfilling than a creamy rich fish pie, using the freshest sustainable fish, from the sea, infused with mustard and dill all topped with creamy mash potato, gratinated gruyere cheese and garnished with a crab claw… perfect.

   Fish Pie    Per 100g
   Carbs    4g    18.90%
   Protein    8.4g    39.80%
   Fat    3.9g    41.30%

We like our spices and this dish is a hot and tangy curry flavoured with fresh sustainable seafood all flavoured with Kashmiri chilli.

   Goan Fish Curry    Per 100g
   Carbs    9.5g    34.50%
   Protein    5.4g    19.80%
   Fat    5.6g    45.70%

These delicious lamb meatballs are hand rolled and gently simmered with blended tomatoes and harissa spiced sauce served with a garlic parsley dressing.

   Moroccan Meatballs    Per 100g
   Carbs    7g    18.70%
   Protein    7.1g    19.00%
   Fat    10.3g    62.30%

A luxurious richness is brought to the dish with the use of aromatic spices and a sweetness is created by including ground anise and prunes, the lamb is simmered in aromatic Indian spices and served with prunes and chickpeas.

   Lamb Curry    Per 100g
   Carbs    15.8g    46.30%
   Protein    8.5g    24.80%
   Fat    4.4g    29.00%

This shepherds pie is filled with lots of veggies and tender ground minced lamb , simmered together in the most delicious meat sauce, topped with the creamiest mashed potato.

   Shepherds Pie    Per 100g
   Carbs    8.1g    28.70%
   Protein    9.4g    33.50%
   Fat    4.7g    37.70%

Succulent minced lamb, gently simmered with aromatic spices, onion, garlic, tomatoes, fresh chillies and peas. Along with paneer cheese, the dish is finished with green chilli and coriander.

   Lamb Keema    Per 100g
   Carbs    18.6g    48.20%
   Protein    8.4g    21.80%
   Fat    5.2g    30.10%

This flavoursome French sausage dish is so comforting. The sausage is pan seared and placed on a rich tomato, Puy lentil and potato stew, finished with torn kale.

   Toulouse Sausage Casserole    Per 100g
   Carbs    8.3g    27.50%
   Protein    6g    21.30%
   Fat    6.5g    51.20%


Spinach ricotta filled tortellini, tossed with olive oil, a rich vine plum tomato sauce fresh garlic and black olives.

   Ricotta Tortellini    Per 100g
   Carbs    17.7g    47.40%
   Protein    6.6g    17.20%
   Fat    6g    35.50%

Smooth and creamy polenta with sizzling peppers from the pan that has been flashed with sherry and balsamic all topped off with charred halloumi with zesty lime and mint.

   Polenta Bake    Per 100g
   Carbs    6g    21.90%
   Protein    4.6g    16.90%
   Fat    7.4g    61.20%

Sliced aubergine dipped in ground cornmeal, and fried until crispy, then filled with fresh vine tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and served with a green chilli pesto, with coriander basil and ground almonds.

   Aubergine Sandwich    Per 100g
   Carbs    4.1g    7.10%
   Protein    5.2g    8.90%
   Fat    21.8g    84.00%

This fusion of Thai and Indian curry utilises both a red-style curry paste and dry whole spices such as cumin, coriander, cinnamon, and nutmeg. This dish is enhanced with aubergine peppers and potatoes and finally finished with roasted peanuts.

   Massaman Squash Curry    Per 100g
   Carbs    18.4g    49.80%
   Protein    2.2g    5.80%
   Fat    7.3g    44.40%

A beautiful collection of fresh field mushrooms, all combined in buttery traditional Italian way, we finished this dish with lashings of Parmesan, and herby pesto and finished with pan tossed pine nuts.

   Mushroom Risotto    Per 100g
   Carbs    30.1g    64.80%
   Protein    4.7g    10.20%
   Fat    5.1g    25.00%

Our vegetarian version of a quiche but without the egg, the white of leeks are gentle sautéed with a hint of garlic and shallot, a dollop of Dijon mustard cashew blue cheese, then its baked and served with balsamic tomatoes.

   Leek & Blue cheese Tart    Per 100g
   Carbs    15.5g    27.30%
   Protein    6.3g    10.40%
   Fat    16.6g    62.20%

Who doesn’t like a stir fry and this vegan friendly dish is a winner quickly fried firm tofu with Sichuan peppers,infused with ginger and Chinese spice tossed with pineapple chunks, pak choy and finished with roasted cashew nuts served with steamed rice and coriander.

   Salt & Pepper Tofu    Per 100g
   Carbs    7.7g    17.30%
   Protein    11.4g    25.40%
   Fat    11.4g    57.30%

Irish rared pork medallions served in a rich Madeira fortified wine sauce infused with lashings of mushrooms, whole grain mustard.

   Pork Medallions    Per 100g
   Carbs    0g    0.00%
   Protein    24.2g    42.30%
   Fat    14.7g    57.70%

American style baby back ribs, slowly roasted and served in our rich and sticky BBQ sauce, finished with sesame seeds and served with ranch dressing.

    American Style Baby Back Ribs    Per 100g
   Carbs    5.5g    7.20%
   Protein    20.8g    27.20%
   Fat    22.3g    65.60%

A delicious blend of spices, fava beans, chickpeas and coriander all blended together to create this wonderful Middle Eastern dish served with a sesame tahini dressing and crispy iceberg leaves.

   Paula’s fabulous falafel    Per 100g
   Carbs    15.7g    34.70%
   Protein    7.8g    17.10%
   Fat    9.7g    48.10%

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