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Food Menu

We serve all of our platters with a selection of fresh breads which consist of Blaa’s, soft rolls, and wraps, with a combination of fresh garden lettuce.

Hand Crafted, stone baked pizza base made from an authentic family recipe. No additives or preservatives and made only with natural ingredients. Have some family fun while creating your own pizza with all of the amazing flavors of Pizza Sorrento. Note Cannot be prepared in advance, must be cooked at the home, office or location.

A selection of salad dishes chosen by our award-winning team of culinary experts.

Our award-winning culinary team has carefully selected a “Side Dish” listing that will perfectly compliment all main course dishes or simply order them as standalone dishes.

Crabmeat Tian, Garnished with The Claw, Carrot Star Anise Purée, Pickled Baby Carrot

Horseradish Cream Cheese, Peas Purée, Dill Cucumber with Yogurt, Buttermilk Dressing

With Port, Pickled Grapes, Pomegranate & Sodabread

Chorizo Mayo, Ciabatta Crisp, Burnt Onion Aioli

Mustard Crushed Potatoes, Roasted Baby Gem with Parmesan, Green Peppercorn Cream

Nut Butter Mash, Wild Mushrooms, Tarragon Cream

Welsh Rarebit, Seafood Chowder Cream

Single Origin Chocolate Tart (Mexico), Irish Sea Salt, Chocolate Quenelle, Chocolate Paint Texture of Raspberry

Praline Creme Mousseline, Choux Pastry

Marinated Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dip
Brisket Beef Burgers, Streaky Bacon, Garden Lettuce Tomato, Onion, Cheddar, Brioche Buns, Jalapeños Sausage

Chicken Wings, Núrish Special Hot Sauce, Blue Cheese, Celery


A selection of creative packages that is tailored to both special occasions and seasonal activities. We try to take away the concerns related to planning out your event by carefully designing a solution based high quality event listing.


A selection of beverages chosen to compliment all palettes and menu recipes or to simply quench your thirst.


Whatever your event needs to ensure that you have a complete dining experience. Full event functionality can be managed and catered for to provide the customer with all requirements in one order.

Event Staff

A complete database of hospitality trained professionals covering a wide variety of roles for the service industry, including culinary, service, cleaning, security and administration from our award wining Training Academy.