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Poached succulent chicken breast in a velvety white wine cream sauce with fresh broccoli florets, all baked together with rigatoni pasta, and finished with crusty sourdough crumble, and gooey mozzarella cheese.

   Chicken & Broccoli Bake   Per 100g
   Carbs   14g   28.60%
   Protein   7.3g   14.90%
   Fat   12.3g   56.50%

This classic dish is perfect for anytime – Crispy chicken breast filled with creamy garlic and herb butter.

   Chicken Kiev   Per 100g
   Carbs   12.6g   27.50%
   Protein   10.1g   22.50%
   Fat   10.3g   50.40%

What is more comforting then a Chicken pie? Succulent chicken pieces cooked in a velvety volute infused with field mushrooms with the unique aroma of fresh tarragon, all finished with buttery mash potatoes.

   Chicken Pie   Per 100g
   Carbs   9.3g   22.60%
   Protein   8.3g   20.70%
   Fat   10.1g   56.70%

Our freshly prepared blend of Tandoori spices is the secret for this dish, the chicken is marinated for 24hrs, and then poached gently in this delicate pungent sauce.

   Indian Buttered Chicken   Per 100g
   Carbs   19.9g   46.90%
   Protein   10.g   23.20%
   Fat   5.7g   29.90%

This favourite of ours is influenced by the flavours of Southern India , tender chicken pieces simmered in a creamy coconut sauce enriched with ground almonds simmered with fresh curry leaves and mustard seeds.

   Indian Chicken Curry   Per 100g
   Carbs   17.7g   51.80%
   Protein   11g   32.00%
   Fat   2.5g   16.20%

So tasty … our unique twist of this tangine, slow cooked chicken legs , delicate apricots, with a subtle blend of spices turmeric, cinnamon and lemon all go to make this dish irresistible.

   Moroccan Chicken Tagine   Per 100g
   Carbs   11.2g   43.10%
   Protein   12.4g   47.70%
   Fat   1.1g   9.30%

Roasted tender breast of chicken, succulent bacon, buttered cabbage, honey glazed carrots gently infused with star anise and natural gravy.

   Roast Chicken   Per 100g
   Carbs   4.2g   10.80%
   Protein   10.6g   27.70%
   Fat   10.4g   60.90%


Tender marinated chicken thigh skewers, infused with ginger and galangal, a hint of ketjap manis and the smoothest blend of our freshly made peanut sauce.

   Satay Chicken   Per 100g
   Carbs   9.5g   30.70%
   Protein   6.5g   21.00%
   Fat   6.7g   48.30%

Piri piri spiced tender chicken thighs, quickly seared and served in a simmering hearty stew of chorizo, chickpeas, red peppers and baby potatoes.

   Spiced Chicken   Per 100g
   Carbs   6.3g   14.50%
   Protein   12.5g   26.70%
   Fat   12.2g   58.80%

Simmering pieces of tender chicken breast in our own unique green curry sauce, enhanced with flavours of Thai basil, creamed coconut, and lime leaves.

   Thai Green Chicken Curry   Per 100g
   Carbs   12.5g   35.20%
   Protein   6.3g   17.90%
   Fat   7.4g   46.90%