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A luxurious richness is brought to the dish with the use of aromatic spices and a sweetness is created by including ground anise and prunes, the lamb is simmered in aromatic Indian spices and served with prunes and chickpeas.

   Lamb Curry   Per 100g
   Carbs   15.8g   46.30%
   Protein   8.5g   24.80%
   Fat   4.4g   29.00%

Succulent minced lamb, gently simmered with aromatic spices, onion, garlic, tomatoes, fresh chillies and peas. Along with paneer cheese, the dish is finished with green chilli and coriander.

   Lamb Keema   Per 100g
   Carbs   18.6g   48.20%
   Protein   8.4g   21.80%
   Fat   5.2g   30.10%

These delicious lamb meatballs are hand rolled and gently simmered with blended tomatoes and harissa spiced sauce served with a garlic parsley dressing.

   Moroccan Meatballs   Per 100g
   Carbs   7g   18.70%
   Protein   7.1g   19.00%
   Fat   10.3g   62.30%

This shepherds pie is filled with lots of veggies and tender ground minced lamb , simmered together in the most delicious meat sauce, topped with the creamiest mashed potato.

   Shepherds Pie   Per 100g
   Carbs   8.1g   28.70%
   Protein   9.4g   33.50%
   Fat   4.7g   37.70%