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With Port, Pickled Grapes, Pomegranate & Sodabread

Single Origin Chocolate Tart (Mexico), Irish Sea Salt, Chocolate Quenelle, Chocolate Paint Texture of Raspberry

Crabmeat Tian, Garnished with The Claw, Carrot Star Anise Purée, Pickled Baby Carrot

Welsh Rarebit, Seafood Chowder Cream

Chorizo Mayo, Ciabatta Crisp, Burnt Onion Aioli

Praline Creme Mousseline, Choux Pastry

Nut Butter Mash, Wild Mushrooms, Tarragon Cream

Mustard Crushed Potatoes, Roasted Baby Gem with Parmesan, Green Peppercorn Cream

Horseradish Cream Cheese, Peas Purée, Dill Cucumber with Yogurt, Buttermilk Dressing