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Irish rared pork medallions served in a rich Madeira fortified wine sauce infused with lashings of mushrooms, whole grain mustard.

   Pork Medallions    Per 100g
   Carbs    0g    0.00%
   Protein    24.2g    42.30%
   Fat    14.7g    57.70%

American style baby back ribs, slowly roasted and served in our rich and sticky BBQ sauce, finished with sesame seeds and served with ranch dressing.

    American Style Baby Back Ribs    Per 100g
   Carbs    5.5g    7.20%
   Protein    20.8g    27.20%
   Fat    22.3g    65.60%

This flavoursome French sausage dish is so comforting. The sausage is pan seared and placed on a rich tomato, Puy lentil and potato stew, finished with torn kale.

   Toulouse Sausage Casserole    Per 100g
   Carbs    8.3g    27.50%
   Protein    6g    21.30%
   Fat    6.5g    51.20%