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The Sea Bass is roasted in a light spicy coconut broth which is infused with ginger, galangal and fresh chillies.

   Baked Sea Bass   Per 100g
   Carbs   11.8g   34.70%
   Protein   6.5g   18.90%
   Fat   7.1g   46.30%

This dish is rich in omega 3s and is so sticky and tasty, we blend our own peppers and chillies to make a paste, this is then basted on to the salmon and served Asian white cabbage.

   Chilli Salmon   Per 100g
   Carbs   13.3g   35.80%
   Protein   9g   24.20%
   Fat   6.6g   40.00%

Nothing is more fulfilling than a creamy rich fish pie, using the freshest sustainable fish, from the sea, infused with mustard and dill all topped with creamy mash potato, gratinated gruyere cheese and garnished with a crab claw… perfect.

   Fish Pie   Per 100g
   Carbs   4g   18.90%
   Protein   8.4g   39.80%
   Fat   3.9g   41.30%

We like our spices and this dish is a hot and tangy curry flavoured with fresh sustainable seafood all flavoured with Kashmiri chilli.

   Goan Fish Curry   Per 100g
   Carbs   9.5g   34.50%
   Protein   5.4g   19.80%
   Fat   5.6g   45.70%

We only use fresh fish, rather then using the traditional breadcrumb we use semolina as a crust, the fish is then roasted, and served with a chunky ratatouille, made up of vibrant peppers and courgettes.

   Roasted Cod   Per 100g
   Carbs   24.2g   58.30%
   Protein   10.4g   26.20%
   Fat   2.8g   15.50%