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Sliced aubergine dipped in ground cornmeal, and fried until crispy, then filled with fresh vine tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and served with a green chilli pesto, with coriander basil and ground almonds.

   Aubergine Sandwich   Per 100g
   Carbs   4.1g   7.10%
   Protein   5.2g   8.90%
   Fat   21.8g   84.00%

A beautiful collection of fresh field mushrooms, all combined in buttery traditional Italian way, we finished this dish with lashings of Parmesan, and herby pesto and finished with pan tossed pine nuts.

   Mushroom Risotto   Per 100g
   Carbs   30.1g   64.80%
   Protein   4.7g   10.20%
   Fat   5.1g   25.00%

This fusion of Thai and Indian curry utilises both a red-style curry paste and dry whole spices such as cumin, coriander, cinnamon, and nutmeg. This dish is enhanced with aubergine peppers and potatoes and finally finished with roasted peanuts.

   Massaman Squash Curry   Per 100g
   Carbs   18.4g   49.80%
   Protein   2.2g   5.80%
   Fat   7.3g   44.40%

Smooth and creamy polenta with sizzling peppers from the pan that has been flashed with sherry and balsamic all topped off with charred halloumi with zesty lime and mint.

   Polenta Bake   Per 100g
   Carbs   6g   21.90%
   Protein   4.6g   16.90%
   Fat   7.4g   61.20%

Spinach ricotta filled tortellini, tossed with olive oil, a rich vine plum tomato sauce fresh garlic and black olives.

   Ricotta Tortellini   Per 100g
   Carbs   17.7g   47.40%
   Protein   6.6g   17.20%
   Fat   6g   35.50%