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The Sea Bass is roasted in a light spicy coconut broth which is infused with ginger, galangal and fresh chillies.

   Baked Sea Bass    Per 100g
   Carbs    11.8g    34.70%
   Protein    6.5g    18.90%
   Fat    7.1g    46.30%

Our take on this traditional dish, we use the beef cheek, yes thats right the cheek!! These are marinated overnight to help the tendering process and then the dish is cooked very slow in a red wine burgundy for 8hours served with tender root vegetables …. pure indulgence and a chefs favourite… make it your favourite , try it.

   Beef Bourguignon    Per 100g
   Carbs    5.4g    18.60%
   Protein    5.1g    17.20%
   Fat    6.8g    51.90%

Another Italian classic using the finest of beef and pork, this ragu is flavoured with oregano and marjoram and of course garlic layered of fresh pasta coated with a cream rich flavoured white sauce gratinated with bubbling mozzarella cheese ….heaven!

   Lasagne    Per 100g
   Carbs    18.3g    42.40%
   Protein    11.8g    27.40%
   Fat    5.8g    30.30%